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Hey Smiley®️ x My Melody 繡花設計布口罩 

香港樂活品牌 Hey Smiley®️,自2020年由香港本地設計師Hayley Charlotte創立,是次合作聯乘SANRIO,以HK mask為藍本,加上Sanrio卡通人物如Hello Kitty、My Melody及Little Twin Stars繡花設計,發布全新SANRIO牛津紡口罩連索繩袋套裝。外型筆挺,柔軟舒適,配合可調整掛耳型設計及銅線鼻樑,能夠緊貼不同面形配戴,加上口罩立體剪裁,帶給用家不一樣體驗。清潔方面,可以肥皂清洗,晾乾後以熨斗高溫消毒。產品創意細節貼心,更能貼身配合用家日常生活,守護香港人健康。

套裝價:HK$148 (口罩連索繩袋)
牛津紡口罩連索繩袋套裝 (成人尺寸) 
成人尺寸:W21cm x H15.5cm

1. 以肥皂水清洗 (可手洗或機洗)
2. 晾乾後以熨斗高溫清毒




My Melody Oxford Cloth Mask with Matching Drawstring Bag Set (100% Cotton)


Hey Smiley x Sanrio Characters is introducing a new HK Mask series: Oxford Cloth Mask with Matching Drawstring Bag Set (officially licensed by Sanrio).

Hey Smiley's creative director uses her passion for embroidery and paper art to integrate the Sanrio characters into the design of the mask to create a chic, stylish and comfortable reusable mask. 

Mask Composition/ Features:

◾ Size Available: M (W21 x H15.5cm)

◾ Outer layer: 100% Cotton Oxford Cloth, which is soft, durable, breathable and easy care.

◾ Inside layer: 100% cotton, feels soft against skins and breathable, with cutting that can form to the contours of your face.

◾ Adjustable ear loop and copper nose bridge for preferred fit and improve your overall comfort.

◾ Washable and Reusable

◾ Can be used with filter

*No refund or exchange due to hygiene concern.


Cleaning Instructions for Fabric Masks:

1. Wash with soapy water (hand wash and scrub for at least 20 seconds or machine wash).

2. After drying, iron the mask to sanitize.

My Melody (粉紅色)牛津紡口罩連索繩袋套裝 (成人尺寸)

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