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A.  以 PayPal 付款
1)  於 "Shop"  的版頁內選擇產品
2)  到 "Cart" 版頁檢查所選產品是否正確無誤
3)  按 "Check Out" 並以PayPal 付款
4)  於"Add a note" 內填上個人資料(收貨人電話)


-另可選於Paypal付款過程中,選尖沙咀K11商場2樓 We Are NO Expert 概念店自取則免運費。




B.  以聯絡表格及以銀行過戶付款

1)  請先填妥We Are NO Expert 聯絡表格 Contact Form
2)  我們會於收到查詢後聯絡閣下,確定相關貨品的貨期及付款方式
3)  請將款項存至指定滙豐銀行帳戶129 7 026419 或南洋商業銀行 043-514-1-014757-0
4)  過數後請電郵過數收據,以確認付款紀錄

成為Expert Club 會員

凡於1個月內於K11 概念店或市集(不包括任何零售分銷點)單次購物或累積購物滿HK$800即可成為Expert Club 會員,尊享迎新禮品。於網上店/ K11 概念店或市集購買指定正價貨品可享九折優惠(不適用於任何零售分銷點、優惠產品及套裝)。

-  PayPal 不會向客人收取任何費用,但個別信用卡銀行有可能會向客戶收取海外交易手續費,詳情請向相關銀行查詢。
-  一般而言,貨品會於收到款項後一星期內送出。個別產品,如節日禮品則會於指定日期安排送貨。
-  每次購物滿HK$800以上(折扣後)可享1次香港本地免費送貨服務(偏遠地區除外)*。購物不足HK$800 (折扣後)的交易或需要額外多享1次送貨服務, 可支付HK$45安排送貨(偏遠地區除外)*。
* 如送往偏遠地區,需收取額外費用,會於聯絡閣下確認訂單時列明。

You can now enjoy shopping at We Are NO Expert Website

via two payment methods:​

A.  Via PayPal

1)  Choose products from "Shop" page
2)  Go to "Cart" page and check the product details
3)  Press "Check Out" button and pay via PayPal
4)  Fill in personal information in the field of "Add a note" (e.g. telephone number)

-Enjoy free 1 time domestic delivery services * for any single order with HK$800 up

-Alternative to Paypal payment process to exclude the delivery fee by choose K11 Mall 2F Natural World We Are NO Expert concept store self pick-up

​​​​​​​​​​​​​B.  Via Contact Form and pay by Bank Transfer

1)  Please fill in We Are NO Expert Contact Form
2)  Upon receiving your enquiry, we will confirm the stock availability and payment details
3)  Please deposit the payment to our HSBC bank account (129 7 026419)or NCB bank account(043-514-1-014757-0)
4)  Please send the transfer slip to us via email for verification.

Expert Club members

With the single or accumulate purchase of HK$800 from our online shop, market and K11 concept store within 1 month, customer will automatically promote to Expert Club members. Special welcome gift will be offered.  For upcoming online, market or pop up store purchase, Expert Club members will be granted with purchase discount for designated items  (NOT applicable for all retailer shop & promotional items/ sets).

-  PayPal will not charge customer for any service fee. Yet please be aware that a few credit card issuing banks may charge service fee from the customer for overseas payment. Kindly pls. check with your respective banks.
-  Normally, orders will be arranged to delivery within 7days. For special items, like festive products, it will be delivered according to our schedule.
-  Free 1 time domestic delivery services (except remote area)* will be provided for any single order with HK$800 up (after discount). For order below HK$800 (after discount) or request of additional domestic delivery services, customer can pay HK$45 for the domestic delivery services (except remote area)*.
* For remote area delivery services, additional charge applies.  Details will be provided upon confirming the order.

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