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容量: 250ml




將少量洗髮露塗抹在濕髮上,並且按摩成柔和的泡沫,充分沖洗乾淨。如有必要,配合No.8 有機深木護髮素使用。

水、椰油醇硫酸酯鈉、庫拉索蘆薈葉提取物* (2.4%)、甘油* (1.96%)、椰油酰胺丙基甜菜鹼、PEG-4 菜籽油酰胺、鱷梨油* (0.5%)、椰油酰兩性基乙酸鈉、三甲基氯化銨、己烯己二醇、瓜爾羥丙基氯化銨、氯化鈉、檸檬酸、苯氧乙醇、苯甲酸、脫氫乙酸。
*有機產地,總原料的99.4%都來自原始栽種方法。經歐共體認證的有機產品 834/2007及北歐白天鵝環保標籤。




Size:  250ml

Origin:  Denmark 
Size:  250ml
Gives strength and vitality to all kind of hair - natural as well as chemically treated hair. Stimulates hair follicles and strengthens hair growth while the scalp is cleaned gently. Suitable for stress-related hair loss and thinning hair, for sensitive scalp with dandruff, eczema and itching.

Be aware that this is a shampoo with natural ingredients, which can cause minor subtle differences in color and fragrance.

• Eco-labeled shampoo for daily use with organic cold-pressed avocado oil and organic aloe vera.
• Warm mix of scent notes from sandalwood, cedar wood, patchouli and myrrh.
• Strengthens hair and scalp. Hair becomes healthy, vibrant, shiny and easy to style.
• Professional hair care, taking care of environment and health.

USE: Apply a small amount of shampoo into wet hair and massage into a soft foam. Rinse thoroughly. If necessary, use Conditioner Deep Wood No. 08.

Zenz#07防脫髮/敏感 (有機深木洗髮露)

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