•Flavour: 藍莓Blueberry

健康的有機零食,由三種Super food混合而成

50%野莓乾, 50%有機朱古力, Freeze-dried 野莓粉




What is "WHAT THE FRUIT?"?

What the Fruit? are mixed with 3 superfoods:

1. Dried berries, which the berries are handpicked in Nordic unpolluted forest 

2. Freeze-dried berry powder, which every 100g berry powder comes from 900g fresh berries

3. Cocoa, which enhances the taste of sensation and magic of the snack

What the Fruit? in 70g is divided into 4 handy portions that are perfect for sharing.


This super mix snack locked all berries goodness with powerful antioxidant, vitamins, and minerals. Without using any flavoring or substitutions, like dates and raisins, it gives a full taste and mouthfeel of real berries.

What the Fruit 北歐莓有機朱古力 (藍莓Blueberry)